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Know more about the aspects of what makes you tick...

Why you make the decisions you do, and who you work well with (or don’t). You’ll also learn:

  • Your Personality Style Snapshot
  • The Special and Unique Way You Shine
  • Your Core Wiring and How it Affects Your Life
  • Your Ideal Work Environment
  • Your Leadership Style
  • And much, much, more!

Superpower your circle

Once inside, you can invite friends, family and co-workers to discover their Superpowers. Then, using the free dashboard, you can choose to see how your personality styles interact with each other and work best together.

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Our goal is the advancement of the human spirit through self analysis and celebration. We do what we do, because we believe in humanity.

We believe in you. And we believe in everything that you are capable of.

And this belief is backed by 20+ years of experience in neuro-diversity, human capital management technology, digital production innovation, talent acquisition, and extensives models of, and research in, the human psyche. This is all combined with robust ai technology which gives us the ability to bring your Superpowers to you, along with information on how to use them to expand into your best and brightest self.

We want your shine to illuminate the world, which gives others permission to do the same, and truly makes the world a brighter place.